Youth Activism Steps Up

More from Calla, Sunday, December 11, 11:00-noon here and Calla and other youth on Monday, December 12, 8:00 pm here

US, Cuban Youth Come Together
for a Better Future

Calla Walsh, co-chair of the National Network on Cuba, attending
the US/Cuba Youth Meeting, observes local elections in Cuba.*

The featured article in the November 30th issue of Resumen-English includes the photo and caption above and covers the five-day Youth Friendship Meeting “Building Our Future Today” with a delegation of 50 from the U.S. The meeting included visits, seminars and focuses here on the wide-ranging discussions in English and Spanish at the National Botanical Garden in Havana, also covered in Juventud Rebelde/Rebellious Youth. Calla is a visible presence and quoted in another report posted on CubaNews, on the delegation visit to the one-year old Fidel Castro Center.

We’ve posted other doings by Calla, including her spring article in Multipolarista, “Abortion in Cuba vs US shows which country is truly democratic.” Calla personifies the recent outburst of youth activism and leadership in, in the development of Cuba work with Massachusetts Peace Action, Democratic Socialists of America in Boston and nationally, and with the National Network on Cuba. We look forward to the continued growth in youth involvement, activism, and leadership in US-Cuba solidarity movement. ____________________

“Observing the elections to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power was one of the most incredible parts of our program during the US-Cuba Youth Friendship Meeting,” Calla later said. She followed up with an article in Multipolarista: “US youth observe Cuba’s elections – and learn about real democracy” that’s reprinted in Resumen-English.

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November Events

* Thursday, November 17, 6:30 pm — supports and encourages participation at the rescheduled September program planned originally as part of CREW’s Climate Change Week: “At the Intersection of Climate Change: How Massachusetts Can Stand in Solidarity with Cuba” — with Jessica Fernandez Casañas, head of the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba.

* Sunday, November 27 — last-Sunday-of-the-month Boston area Stand Out is scheduled for 2:00 pm in Harvard Square, Cambridge, next to the MBTA Red Line entrance.

* Monday, November 29 — The planned in-person / hybrid public program with Helen Yaffe and Aviva Chomsky in the evening has been postponed.

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October 2023 Sunday Stand-Out

Update on Rallies and UN Vote

1029NYC+DavisSqRallies in NYC & Somerville at Davis Square. Photos by Diane Stradling in the NY contingent, video here; and Karen Slater.

This year’s UN vote was 185-2; for more see the Resumen-English story “The World Stands with Cuba Once Again” and more in CubaNews and the AP’s “UN Votes Overwhelmingly to Condemn US Embaego of Cuba” and more in Google News.

October 30, 2:00-3:00, Davis Square, Somerville:
For Next Week’s UN Censure of the U.S. Embargo

This month’s Stand-Out supporting Cuba will take place at Davis Square in Somerville, at College and Elm, from 2:00-3:00. The July 26th Coalition supports these standouts which are part of a series of actions across the country as well as internationally, this month’s expected to be especially emphatic, including a major “We Stand with the World” rally in New York City on the 29th and a 24-hour virtual picket starting Wednesday the 2nd, in anticipation of the 30th consecutive overwhelming condemnation of the Embargo/Blockade by the UN General Assembly scheduled for November 2 and 3.

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Somerville Passes Anti-Embargo Resolution

Calls for Removal of Cuba from the State Sponsor of Terrorism List

On September 22 the Somerville City Council unanimously passed an anti-blockade resolution calling on President Biden to remove Cuba from the State Sponsor of Terrorism list that he recently reaffirmed. The resolution was introduced by At-Large City Councilor and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member Willie Burnley Jr., co-sponsored by DSA member and Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen, and included input from a broad coalition including the Boston Cuba Solidarity Coalition-July and Massachusetts Peace Action. A press release is available here. The Somerville resolution is featured on the Local Campaign Update 2022 page of resolutions passed across the country.

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Fall Activities 2022

Planning ongoing local support and this year’s UN vote action

In light of increased hostilities and sanctions by the Biden administration, two actions are currently underway, a monthly Cuba support demonstration in Boston and planning for a nationwide solidarity event to coincide with this year’s UN condemnation of the U.S. embargo blockade.

Beginning on September 25 at 2:00, is supporting and co-sponsoring a last-Sunday-of-the-month stand-out in support of Cuba at Copey Square, initiated by Mass Peace Action, along with, among others, Dorchester People for Peace, First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, and Boston Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  More information is available here.

The date of the presentation and vote on the annual UN resolution condemning the US embargo/blockade of Cuba, introduced and overwhelmingly supported since 1992, is November 2nd and 3rd. has joined a host of organizations to support planning efforts for a major demonstration outside the UN along with solidarity protests across the country and world-wide the weekend before. This coincides with the October 30th stand-out at Copley Square. For more on this, see the edited version of the invitation to participate.

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At the Intersection of Climate Change Impacts

How Massachusetts Can Stand in Solidarity with Cuba
Wednesday, September 28th, 6:30-8:00 pm

Register here.

As a part of Climate Preparedness Week 2022, Jessica Fernandez Casañas, head of the Climate Change Department of Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment will discuss Cuba’s plan for climate mitigation and resilience, followed by a Q&A about how people in the United States can create cooperative relationships with the people of Cuba as the impacts of climate change are felt all around the world. Sponsored by CREW and MA Peace Action.

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Current Disasters, Man-Made and Natural

FBI Raids and the Fires in Matanzas

Many Cuba groups are joining in criticizing and condemning the FBI raids and attacks on the Uhuru Movement and African People’s Socialist Party offices in St. Petersburg and St. Louis (stories here). July has signed onto the IFCO/Pastors for Peace condemnation statement and more.

Most immediate are the horrific on-going fires in Matanzas that began Friday and are in the fifth day — see the Resumen story among others, the Belly of the Beast on the ground report, and the on-going reports and support options posted in Walter Lippmann’s CubaNews. CodePink, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, the International People’s Assembly, and the People’s Forum say: Sanctions Fuel the Fire — Here’s what you can do.

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Celebrating July 26, the 69th Anniversary of Cuba’s National Rebellion Day

July 26, 1953, as Isaac Saney tells us in “Resistance, Resilience and Renewal: Cuba Commemorates Moncada,” is annually celebrated all over Cuba as the beginning of the movement that paved the way for the Cuban Revolution. Join Isaac and our comrades and colleagues in Canada for a special commemorative program at 8:00 pm today. Note that Cuba is celebrating with an on-site ceremony. And for more on July 26, see Charles McKelvey’s analysis.

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Boston City Council Calls for End of the Embargo

The Boston City Council voted today to pass an amended version of Resolution 0618 calling for the End to the U.S. Embargo Against Cuba and for greater medical, cultural, and educational ties between the two countries. Kendra Lara, Boston City Councilor for District Six and member of DSA, introduced the resolution. A press release has been issued by the resolution’s support organizations. For more on this, see the previous post on “The Ambassador’s Visit and the Brookline & Boston Resolutions.”

Pictured are Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara, Cuban Ambassador Lianys Torres Rivera, and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu from a recent meeting at Boston City Hall.
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An Early Summer Confluence of Major Events

The Ambassador’s Visit and the Brookline & Boston Resolutions

Following up a meeting with friends of Cuba in Miami last month, Cuban Ambassador to the U.S. Lianys Torres Rivera paid a visit to metro-Boston at the end of June to become familiar with the area and meet with political and governmental leaders and groups and supporters working to normalize US-Cuba relations. A special report on the full visit should be available soon and added/linked to this partial account.

Click to enlarge. (clockwise from upper left) At the dinner and meeting with – (l to r) Second Secretary Yuliette Tain Domínguez, Ambassador Torres Rivera, Judy Freiwirth, Sussen Gazal, Yoav Elinevsky, Marilyn Frankenstein, Peter Miller, Bob Mulcahy, Nalda Vigezzi (missing Diane Stradling, Susan Mirsky); from the Brookline Meet and Greet, Tim Rupprecht, State Representative Tommy Vitolo, the Ambassador and Second Secretary, Sarah Miller; panel at the University Lutheran Church activist/supporter forum, Merri Ansara, the Ambassador and Second Secretary, Nalda Vigezzi, participants/audience during Q&A, Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara at the microphone (photo credits include Sussen Gazal, Bob Mulcahy).

It’s been a busy time for all. and others just completed a special June 14th program on “60 Years of Resistance – Perspectives on the U.S. Blockade of Cuba” with scholar and solidarity activist Helen Yaffe, the finale to her virtual spring tour across the country. The visit’s timing has been fortuitous and reinforces the importance of the recent passage of Brookline’s Town Meeting Resolution calling for an End to the Embargo and a Boston City Council resolution well on its way. Among her activities, the Ambassador participated in a forum for metro-area friends and activist supporters, met with each of the three primary groups doing Cuba support work, attended a special meet and greet gathering in Brookline, met with Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and the City Council, and sat for an interview with WHMP radio host Bill Newman.

Approximately 60 participated in the special forum on June 29 at the University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square, organized by Massachusetts Peace Action, Democratic Socialists of America/Boston, and the Boston-Cuba Solidarity Coalition. The event was preceded by a dinner and meeting with The Ambassador graciously accepted a special copy of the Brookline resolution in honor of her visit at the gathering there after her meetings at Boston City Hall. A public hearing on the Boston Resolution on July 11* preceded a formal vote at the City Council meeting on July 13.

(Last updated 7/12/22)

* Note that July 11 is the one year anniversary of the protests in Cuba that were so misunderstood, misrepresented and misreported in most mainstream and right wing media (for more on this, see the reports and analyses here).

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