July26.org — Online Nationally and Locally

Lest the postings below appear too abbreviated, this update clarifies our activities during this Coronavirus crisis period when the vast majority of our work and activities is taking place online, both nationally and locally.

In the national arena, members are involved in the activities surrounding the organizing of the US-Cuba Normalization Conference and the webinars and campaigns following up its postponement to the fall, including the previously-posted links to resources for local campaigns and Zoom support for people who need assistance attending the webinars, and serving in the leadership of the National Network on Cuba and the Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective.

Upcoming webinars include a May 2 May Day celebration: “Solidarity, not sanctions or blockades, in the struggle against Covid-19” and a May 19 offering on “Cuba, Africa, and the Caribbean.” Check out the three organizational web sites for additional information and activities.

Locally, we have begun holding our regular second Wednesday of the month meetings online and recently discussed the US-Cuba-Canada campaign against Covid-19, local initiatives in Boston and surrounding municipalities to support the ending of the blockade, recruiting volunteers to help with Zoom support and other Solidarity movement technology needs, and opening up and promoting a portion of our online meeting time to wider regional list subscribers. For questions or further information, contact us at info@july26.org.

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