Supporting Caravans Across the Country

SpookyEmbargoWLatufOct 30: Boston Rally to End the Blockade (scene here)

Spooky Embargo graphic edited from LA US Hands Off Cuba; Lift Embargo graphic by Carlos Latuff;
July 24 Park St. rally photo by Lita Kelley here.
[Click on graphics for a closer look.

The Boston-Cuba Solidarity Coalition is joining with our comrades, colleagues and allies in the Boston May Day Coalition and inviting the cosponsors of our recent Boston/IFCO Program to join us at another stand-in in support of Ending the Embargo on Saturday, October 30, from 1:00-2:00 at the Park St. MBTA station on Boston Common near the State House.

The rally is in solidarity with the growing Caravan movement calling for an End to the Blockade that is taking place across the country on the last Sunday of the month. For those not within close distance, local actions on the weekend are encouraged.

October 17: MiniCaravan to Westborough

We’ve attended Stephen Lewis’s Cuba Poster shows in the past, covered most recently at the beginning of this year at the Walpole Library with some good examples. The October 17 mini-caravan gathering in Westborough, MA, to attend the Sunday public library exhibition demonstrates how the national End the U.S. Embargo Caravan movement is expanding in its outreach and the scope of Cuba-related occasions for delivering its message.  Stephen’s overview provides a useful overview of the showings.

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