Youth Activism Steps Up

More from Calla, Sunday, Dec. 11, 11:00-noon here; Calla & other youth on Monday, Dec. 12, 8:00 pm here. Videos for Sunday here; Monday here.

US, Cuban Youth Come Together
for a Better Future

Calla Walsh, co-chair of the National Network on Cuba, attending
the US/Cuba Youth Meeting, observes local elections in Cuba.*

The featured article in the November 30th issue of Resumen-English includes the photo and caption above and covers the five-day Youth Friendship Meeting “Building Our Future Today” with a delegation of 50 from the U.S. The meeting included visits, seminars and focuses here on the wide-ranging discussions in English and Spanish at the National Botanical Garden in Havana, also covered in Juventud Rebelde/Rebellious Youth. Calla is a visible presence and quoted in another report posted on CubaNews, on the delegation visit to the one-year old Fidel Castro Center.

We’ve posted other doings by Calla, including her spring article in Multipolarista, “Abortion in Cuba vs US shows which country is truly democratic.” Calla personifies the recent outburst of youth activism and leadership in, in the development of Cuba work with Massachusetts Peace Action, Democratic Socialists of America in Boston and nationally, and with the National Network on Cuba. We look forward to the continued growth in youth involvement, activism, and leadership in US-Cuba solidarity movement. ____________________

“Observing the elections to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power was one of the most incredible parts of our program during the US-Cuba Youth Friendship Meeting,” Calla later said. She followed up with an article in Multipolarista: “US youth observe Cuba’s elections – and learn about real democracy” that’s reprinted in Resumen-English.

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