2023 First Events

And look for more on January 29th in Somerville: “Building Youth Friendship & Solidarity between Boston and Cuba”

An invitation from
Boston PSL, Party for Socialism and Liberation:

Fri, Jan 6, 6:30-9:30 – 194 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury

Join us to commemorate the Haitian and Cuban Revolutions (January 1, 1804 and 1959 respectively) with food, discussion and art and culture.

These two revolutions were victories of the oppressed and inspired people around the globe. We’ll gather to learn and remember the struggles of the Haitian people against enslavement and colonization, becoming the first free Black republic, as well as affirm our support of Haiti’s continued right to self-determination. We’ll also hear from Boston organizers who recently traveled to Cuba to witness its socialist revolutionary process, which has radically transformed society, providing free housing, healthcare, jobs and education for all, despite a brutal US blockade.

Join us as we celebrate these incredible victories and express our unwavering solidarity with the people of Haiti and Cuba!

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