9/22 Program Follow-up and Resources

BostonIFCOannounce5Below you’ll find all the resources listed in the chat transcript from the 9/22 program. Look here for links to a video of the program in the near future. For access to the raw video, contact info@july26.org.

We remind you that this program is a fundraiser for IFCO/Pastors for Peace where you can support this year’s Friendshipment Caravan and their other important Cuba work on their donation page at ifconews.org.

If you’re from Eastern or Central Massachusetts and want to work on passing a Boston City Council resolution in any capacity, send along an email here; for other areas, contact the National Network on Cuba at http://nnoc.info/contact-us/

* July26.org has a number of other resource pages including “Resources” on our masthead menu. There is a collection of news, commentary, and analysis links in the two posts previous to announcing our September program, before and after the July 11 protests in Cuba that provides a substantial bibliographical resource on what happened and how it was covered in the media. Our pages on local resolution campaigns to End the Embargo provides year-to-date coverage that extends back to its origins in 2016; US-CubaNormalization.org gives home page attention to the importance of the campaign with links to our pages; they should be informative for those interested in the local effort in Boston, and elsewhere.

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Resources noted in the 9/22 Cuba Program Chat

19:00:47 From Charlie Welch to Everyone:

      News (Cuba specific)

      Covers Cuba and more   

      “Manufacturing the Enemy: The Media War Against Cuba‚” Keith Bolender, 2019     
      “The Economic War Against Cuba‚” Salim Lamrani, 2013
      “Back Channel to Cuba‚” Peter Kornbluth and William M. LeoGrande, 2015
      “Cuba in the American Imagination‚” Louis A. Perez Jr.,2008
      “We are Cuba‚” Helen Yaffe, 2020   
      “Cuba and the US Empire: A Chronological History‚” Jane Franklin, 2016 
      “Fidel and Malcolm X‚” by Rosemary Mealy, 1993 
      “What I learned about Cuba by going to Cuba‚” Antonio R. Zamera, 2013

19:33:24 From Avi Chomsky to Everyone:
       I published a longer version of this talk, with references, 
       at nacla.org/news/2021/08/17/cuba-protests-left

The full edited chat transcript with all the resources can be found here.