Join 12th Int’l Solidarity Brigade to Cuba around May Day, costs as low as $637 plus airfare

Posted by the National Network on Cuba on March 21, 2017

Amig@s – Please consider this warm invitation from Cuba to join with participants from over 30 countries in the 12th Int’l Solidarity Brigade to Cuba April 24th to May 8th (optional departure May 3rd).  This is the first time there’ll be significant U.S participation in this Int’l Brigade – and there is strong participation from Black Lives Matter, both things of course important advances.

Trip includes discussions with leaders of Cuba’s Women’s Federation, Labor Federation, Student Federation, and the Cuban Federation of Small Farmers – plus participation in the Cuban peoples’ mass May Day mobilisation (first since Fidel’s death and the 50th anniversary of Che’s assassination) and the following day’s meeting with all international travelers in Havana for May Day, including governmental leaders and political parties.

Travel to Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Arts School, and Latin American School of Medicine to follow.

Cuba’s requested costs are $512 for the full 15-day Brigade (April 24 – May 8), $290 for ten day day (April 24 – May 3).  Add $125 for visa and processing costs, flights to and from [Boston/Logan] …extra [currently running around $330].

Affirmative action and mutual fund-raising support for youth and people marginalised by ‘race’ and other forms of inequality.

Registration deadline is March 30th so please get in touch now…

[To register or for more information for those from the Boston area, contact Peter Miller,]

Let’s go!


steve (eckardt)


u.s. nat’l brigade coordinator