Let Cuba Live on the 60th anniversary

From a letcubalive.org post by Judy Robbins

Celebrating Revolutionary Cuba’s 60th Year

On January 1 Cuba entered its 60th year of social revolution, of full national independence, and of solidarity with peoples of every country. We of the Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine congratulate the Cuban people and their government for momentous achievements respected throughout the world.

The Cuban people chose a revolutionary course and then — through unity — protected it. They created a society whose children are healthy and thrive, whose citizens live in dignity and with awareness and motivation to serve, and whose elders are neither abandoned nor endure needless grief. Cuba follows that teaching of national hero Jose Marti which says, “With all, for the good of all.”

We know very well that Cuban accomplishments took shape in the face of implacable U.S. hostilities. Violent terror attacks from northern shores violated moral and ethical norms. Economic blockade at the hands of our own government did likewise, and still does.

We are together, however, in one sense. Injustices in the United States mirror those the Cuban people took on with their Revolution. In this country violence and great disparities of wealth prevail. Marginalization, impoverishment, and racial prejudice afflict groups of U.S. citizens. We, like Cuba, take offense at U.S. imperialist pretentions.

Through its revolution, Cuba is our teacher. But not only ours: peoples of the world, following the example of Cuba, know that societal planning for the long term and for the common good is possible. They know the good that happens when those doing the work of society come first, not the rich and powerful.  From Cuba they know that when a people’s government looks to the world, solidarity gains new life.

Therefore, we in the state of Maine, USA, join people everywhere in celebrating the victory of the Cuban revolution those many years ago. We proclaim our gratitude for hopes nurtured by Cuba from then on.

— Let Cuba Live, a Maine Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, www.letcubalive.org