Local Resolutions


The Importance of Municipal, State, and Organizational Campaigns and Resolutions
in Ending the Embargo/Blockade

[Click to enlarge.] This opening PowerPoint slide with the logos and official seals of three Bay Area Cities and one Massachusetts town, indicating the birth of a national movement, was used by former Cuban First Secretary Miguel Fraga in his presentations, emphasizing the Importance of Local Campaigns in bringing about a change in U.S. policy.

Local Resolutions and Resources to Help with Your Campaign

The national campaign to encourage local resolutions by municipalities that began in 2016 with Richmond, Oakland, and Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area and then the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts, in the Boston area grew over the next three years to include nine more: in 2017: Sacramento, Helena, and Hartford; in 2018: Pittsburgh and Minneapolis; 2019: Seattle, Detroit, St. Paul, and Meridian Township, Michigan. By the end of the year, eight more municipalities had campaigns at various stages of development: Chicago, San Diego, New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Durham, New Haven, and Oklahoma City.

A guide on the importance and usefulness of “Ending the U.S. Embargo on Cuba at the Grassroots” and how to organize a local campaign, a packet of the 13 municipal resolutions completed before this year, and folders for all the localities that have concluded or in-process campaigns and already include some videos, photos, local news and media coverage are being expanded with additional material to help new campaigns.

Expanded Grassroots Options with State and Organizational Resolutions

Along with municipal campaigns, efforts to develop state and organizational resolutions are also underway that contribute to the growing expression of grassroots sentiments, and reinforce and bolster leadership on national legislation led by the Latin America Working Group/LAWG and the National Network on Cuba.  There have been successful state Senate campaigns in Michigan, Alabama, and Minnesota and organizational resolutions passed by:
          •  The U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba / (USACC)
          •  The Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW)
          •  The Washington State Labor Council
          •  Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance / APALA (Seattle)  

The online pages of this material were developed and organized to supplement the panel session on “Multiplying Our Voices: National, City, and State Legislative Achievements and Possibilities ” for the International Conference on U.S.-Cuba Normalization on March 21, 2020. A database of local campaign leaders and activists and an e-list are being developed for helping campaigns make the most of all these resources and experience. For more information and/or to help with these efforts, contact conference organizers at http://www.us-cubanormalization.org/viva-cuba/contact/ or the National Network on Cuba at http://nnoc.info/contact-us/

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