NYC Campaign Tool Kit

NYC Anti-Blockade Resolution Resources, 2019

Joan Gibbs and Rosemari Mealy, Campaign Co-ordinators, NY-NJ CubaSi

The official Cuba statement (trilingual) On Resolution 73/8 of the United Nations General Assembly entitled “NECESSITY OF ENDING THE ECONOMIC, COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL BLOCKADE IMPOSED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST CUBA,” September 2019, informe_bloqueo_2019_es-en-fr.pdf.

Three versions of the City Council Petition, one with a photo of Beyonce in Havana 2013, another with Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela, a third with Fidel and Pope Benedict XVI in 2012.

“Open Letter to the Congressional Black Caucus on the U.S.’s Attacks on Venezuela and Cuba” by Joan P. Gibbs, Esq. and Rosemari Mealy, JD, PhD, March 23, 2019.

Open Letter to the Members of New York’s Congressional Delegation and Members of the New York City Council: “Lift the Cuban Embargo; End the Ban on Travel to Cuba,” by Joan P. Gibbs and Rosemari Mealy

Press Releases (2), Council Members Inez Barrons, Ydanis Rodriguez, Jimmy Van Bramer: “Press Conference: Council Members Introduce Resolution to end travel ban and embargo against CUBA” and October 17, 2019 — Video of Press briefing

City Council Hearing Testimonies: by Dr. Damian Suarez, Emily Thomas, Dr. Frances Osaigbovo (Graduate, Cuba’s ELAM Medical School), Nancy Cabrero (2 pp), Joan Gibbs and Rosemari Mealy (7 pp); letter from Miguel Ernesto Melendez.

Video of City Council Hearing on Cuba (click on “video” and scroll to 01:50):

Resolution 1092 and Model Resolution

This page links back to — an online resource for the panel session on “Multiplying Our Voices: National, City, and State Legislative Achievements and Possibilities” being planned for the International Conference on U.S.-Cuba Normalization.