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Partial History of July 26 Coalition and Some Highlights

The July 26th Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution takes its name from the July 26 Movement Video of Cuba, which lead the revolutionary upsurge that culminated in the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship on January 1, 1959.

  • Formed in 1989 and joined LACASA in 1993
  • Member National Network on Cuba
  • Worked the the Caribbean Focus Program at Roxbury Community College for many years.  Tom Reeves, Presente!  was instrumental in these activities.
  • As of 2016, we have been meeting at Encuentro5 in Boston.

Activities of the July 26th Coalition

Recent activities since 2017 are on our website.

There is a gap between 2017 and 2009 that will be filled in.

The following is a list of local events we either cosponsored or publicized. If you signup for our email list you will find out about similar Boston area events in the future.

Highlights of 2009

July 26th Celebration In the 50th year of the Cuban Revolution, we celebrate the national holiday, July 26th, with .. Tony Van der Meer speaking on the work of Cuba patriot  Eugene Godfried, who died earlier this year, was a long time English languages correspondent for Radio Havana Cuba. A short presentation by Omar Sierra the Venezuelan consul Along with.. A Film on Women and the Cuban Revolution Con la Memoria en el Futuro (With Our Memory on the Future) This documentary produced by the noted Cuban filmmaker Octavio Cortázar in 2005 on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the “Federation of Cuban Women (FMC)” charts the profound changes in the status of women as a result of the Cuban revolution. At an FMC Congress in 1966 Fidel Castro described the beginning of these changes as the “revolution within the revolution.” This FMC documentary gives the viewer a picture of Cuba today, with women working in a variety of jobs that were almost exclusively male prior to the 1959 revolution. Through the lively interviews, women and men of many generations describe how the revolution, with hundreds of thousands of women working outside the home everyday, has impacted relations in the workplace, sexual relations, divorce, and women and men’s role in the household. You get a frank picture of how deeply entrenched traditional views are on these questions, and of the role of the FMC in this on-going battle of ideas. 2007 7/7 20th “Pastors for Peace” Caravan to Cuba

6/17 Picket Line to Protest Supreme Court Decision on the Cuban 5.

Highlights of 2008

Showed the film “Cuba, an African Odyssey (Part 1)”  and (Part 2) in Oct. at the Community Church
Continued showings of the Film “Salud” which in now available on Youtube
10/29 “MIT Amnesty International”
10/24 “Jamaica Plain Forum”
4/14 Dudley Branch Library in Roxbury
6/17 19th “Pastors for Peace” Caravan to Cuba

6/06 Picket Line to Protest Court Decision on the Cuban 5

Highlights of 2007

We sponsored a number of showing of the Film “Salud”
11/1 and 3/20 at Bunker Hill Community College 10/18 and 8/14 at “Encuentro 5”
7/26 at the Brookline Town Library
4/29 Cosponsored with the “MIT Western Hemisphere Project”

10/10 The Trial – the Untold Story of the Cuban Five On the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death in combat in Bolivia New England Premier “The Trial – the Untold Story of the Cuban Five” Narrated by Danny Glover This documentary explores the U.S. government’s use of false conspiracy charges and secret evidence which laid the basis for the conviction of five Cuban nationals – Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, René González, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labanino – who were peacefully monitoring the activities of counterrevolutionary groups in the United States who had a history of terrorist attacks against Cuba. They are now serving draconian sentences in U.S. federal prisons. The film features revealing interviews with defense and prosecuting attorneys, Cuban and U.S. experts, and advocates for the Five’s freedom. “The Trial” is a dynamic portrayal that in its search for truth and justice, forcefully demonstrates the enormous injustice meted out to the Cuban Five. It makes a convincing factual case for their liberation. This meeting is part of the International Days of Solidarity with the Cuban Five from Sept. 12 (1998), the anniversary of their false arrest to Oct. 6, the anniversary of the “first mid-air bombing of a passenger plane – Cubana 455” as it took off from Barbados – killing all 73 passengers in 1976. Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch who engineered this violence against Cuban and international civilians walk free in Miami today. MIT Building 4 Room 149 Co-sponsored by: “MIT Western Hemisphere Project”

Film and Discussion
“The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”
Coolidge Corner Cinema
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba lost most of its access to oil, fertilizers and pesticides. Learn how Cuba’s response to this crisis has led it to the forefront of the movement for sustainable and organic agricultural practices.
Did you know that 50% of the vegetables eaten in the city of Havana, Cuba are organically grown within the city limits?
Where: Coolidge Corner Cinema, Brookline, MA
Elizabeth Morrow is a graduate student of History at Tufts University and has written and spoken about US foreign policy towards Cuba.
“Sajed Kamal” is Adjunct Professor, Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University Sponsored by Newton Cuba Solidarity Group.

Highlights of 2006

Superpower Principles: US Terrorism Against Cuba, 10/06/06
Noam Chomsky, Salim Lamrani and National Lawyers Guild President Michael Avery speak on the topic of the Cuba Five and associated US state-sponsored terrorism against this tiny island nation which displays the unmitigated chutzpacity to defy the century old Monroe Doctrine of US domination of Latin America. Cosponsored with MIT Western Hemisphere Project Available from Radio Free Maine (not listed on the site but ask for it!)
A Transcript of the Q and A section of the program is available on Z-Magazine

Noam Chomsky Presents Panel on Terrorism and Film Showing on the Cuban 5 2/8/06
According to Professor Noam Chomsky in his 2000 book, Rogue States, Cuba and the United States have a unique status in international relations. There is no similar case of such a sustained assault by one power against another – in this case the greatest superpower against a poor, Third World country. Professor Chomsky will be presenting a showing of the documentary film: Mission Against Terror and chairing a panel discussion with Bernie Dwyer, Journalist and Filmmaker and Father Geoffrey Bottoms. The film follows the case of the five Cubans currently serving long sentences in U.S. jails for trying to prevent terrorist attacks on Cuba. It also depicts the long history of violence against innocent Cubans by right-wing groups based in Miami that are supported by the U.S. government. Cosponsored by the MIT Thistle.

Mountain of Light, a film about Cuban doctors around the world 7/27/06

Among the achievements of the Cuban revolution none is known as far and wide as its healthcare system, not only domestically but internationally. Doctors and paramedics from Cuba, who serve in more than seventy countries, are for many in the Third World their only life-line.

Directed by Guillermo Centeno and produced for Cuban television, Centeno’s riveting and poignant documentary presents the experiences of about a dozen Cuban medical personnel serving in Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Burkina Faso, Mali, Botswana and Namibia. Whatever the politics that viewers bring to this film they’re likely to be touched by the sheer humanity of the Cuban practitioners in some of the most remote regions of the world.

Watch Mountain of Light in Spanish Montaña de Luz

Hands off Venezuela & Cuba!
The Circulo Bolivariano Martin Luther King (Boston) and July 26th Coalition are sponsoring this important demonstration March on Washington, D.C. SATURDAY, MAY 20 to demand HANDS OFF VENEZUELA & CUBA!
Fund raiser in preparation for this Summers Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba!
Saturday, April 22 7 PM Community Church of Boston John Waller from Pastors for Peace Film Bloqueo about the illegal and immoral blockade on Cuba which features John
Co-sponsored by Newton Solidarity Group Community Church of Boston

Highlights of 2005

Transvestism, Transexuality and AIDS in Cuba 4/15/05

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies Cuba Studies Program sponsored the following lecture and video screening
“Cuban Medical International Cooperation” &
“Transvestism, Transexuality and AIDS in Cuba”
with Dr. Jorge Perez Avila
Director of the Instituto de Medicina Tropical Pedro Kouri Hospital
Jorge Perez-Avila is the Director of the IPK Hospital and the former Director of the Sanatorium of Santiago de Las Vegas for medical care of people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, Dr. Perez has an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Havana where he has taught since 1982. A member of several scientific committees including his current work with the National Commission of AIDS and the IPK Scientific Council, Dr. Perez has published more than 80 articles in both national and international journals, and has served as a member of the editorial board for the Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical. In addition to participating in many national and international seminars, conferences, and workshops, including the International AIDS Conferences, Dr. Perez has been on the Advisory Board for the Program in Infectious Disease and Social Change in the Department of Social Medicine at the Harvard Medical School since 1999.
“The Kouri Institute is one of the finest infectious disease and parasitology programs in Latin America, and it’s a shame that they’ve been isolated by the embargo,” noted Dr. Paul Farmer

OPEN HOUSE ON Comparative Social Policy U.S.-CUBA: 2005 PRESENTATIONS BY–The Boston College Graduate School SW813.01 COMPARATIVE SOCIAL POLICY CLASS who did two weeks research in Cuba in January ‘05 (Professor Demetrius Iatridis, Instructor and leader of graduate research in Cuba for 29 consecutive years) Reports, Discussion, Exhibits On Cuban vs. U.S. Child Welfare, Gender Equality, Education, Health & Housing Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 6:30-8:45 p.m. McGuinn Hall Auditorium (Rm. 121), Boston College

Highlights of 2004

A gap in time that needs to be filled.

Highlights of 2003

Organized a delegation that participated in the 3rd US – Cuba Youth Exchange
Errol Flynn witnessing the Cuban Revolution rare movie 7/26/03 Film — The Cuban Story
Shot live during the revolution, with an introduction and remarks by none other than Errol Flynn, this 55 minute documentary contains unique and previously unseen archival footage of the Batista regime, its police brutality, resistance to it, scenes of Moncada after the massacre, Fidel, Che, and others, the triumphant entry of the Rebel Army into Havana, the revolutionary tribunals, an extraordinary scene of the million-person mobilization in support of the execution of the Batistiano killers (including the carrying out of the sentence against a prominent murderer), and solidarity demonstrations in Caracas in defense of Cuba’s bringing the criminals to justice.
The movie was never screened in the United States, as Washington began to demonize the then widely popular revolution. This unrivaled footage of the earliest days of the revolution provides a starting point for a rich discussion.
Performance by the cast of PRESENTE!

PRESENTE! is a theater-in-the-round performance that brings awareness to the reality of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States.
The cast, former political prisoner Kazi Toure, Richard Cambridge, Myriam Ortiz, Malena, Gary Hicks, and Jamey Smythe, will be performing an excerpt from the show, featuring the Cuban Five.
Community Church of Boston
Highlights of 2002

Jane Franklin on Jeb & father Bush’s links to Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch
( ( ( ( ( (.) ) ) ) ) ) S o u n d s o f D i s s e n t

90.3 FM WZBC (12 – 2 p.m. Saturdays)  Free the (Cuban)Miami 5, 2/21/02

On June 8, a jury in a federal courtroom in Miami handed down guilty verdicts against five Cubans – Rene Gonzales, Ramon Labania±o,Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Gerado Hernanez – on 23 charges of “spying” for the government of Cuba. Their crime was monitoring right wing terrorist groups in the US like Alpha 66, Brothers to the Rescue, Omega 7 and others who have carried out bombings and other terrorist actions against the people of Cuba.

The arrests and convictions of the five are an attack directed not only at Cuba but at democratic rights in the United States. FBI agents broke into their homes repeatedly over the three years prior to the arrests, violating the Fourth Amendment protection against arbitrary search and seizure. The prosecution’s ‘evidence’ consisted of information the FBI claimed to have collected in these raids, and from short-wave radio transmissions governments asserted they intercepted between Havana and the defendants. No evidence of any military secrets being stolen from the United States and turned over to Cuba was ever presented.
A discussion with
Fernando Garcia Diplomat, Cuban Interest Section, Washington, DC
Andres Gomez Co-Chair, Free the Five Committee, Miami and Coordinator, Antonio Maceo Brigade, Miami
Teresa Gutierrez National Coordinator, International Peace for Cuba Appeal National Co-Coordinator, International Action Center
Performance by The Cast of ¡PRESENTE! with Richard Cambridge
Cambridge Family YMCA, — Central Square
International Action Center of Boston, Jamaica Plain, MA
Community Church of Boston
Cuba’s Relations with Africa from 1959 to the Present 11/14/02
(A Rare change to here a historic Cuban leader.)
Victor Dreke Cruz Mr. Dreke is currently the vice president of the Cuba-Africa Friendship Association. During the last decade he has helped lead work in constructing housing, schools, roads, and other development projects in Africa. In 1965, Dreke served as second in command under Ernesto Che Guevara in the Congo. Cuban volunteers went to that country at the request of followers of Patrice Lumumba, the assassinated leader of the Congo’s fight for independence. Dreke returned to Africa in 1966-1968 to head Cuba’s military mission in Guinea-Bissauat the time fighting for its independence from Portugal. He fought alongside Amilcar Cabral there and also headed Cuba’s mission in the Republic of Guinea.
Dr. Ana Morales Varela. Dr. Morales is currently a professor at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba. She headed the Cuban medical mission in Guinea-Bissau in 1985 and was an adviser to the Ministry of Public Health in that country from 1985 to 1987. During that time she had responsibility for founding the first medical school in Guinea-Bissau, which was donated by Cuba. Morales returned to the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau in 1995-1997 directing medical facilities in both countries. Morales received a degree as a medical specialist in Health Organization and Administration from the Institute for the Development of Health in 1983.
Sponsors: Africana Studies Dept., Coll. of Public and Community Services (CPCS), Students Arts and Events Council, Black Student Center, Casa Latina, Feminist Majority
Joukowsky Forum, 1st Floor, Watson Institute 2/15/02 Sponsors:
Africana Studies Department, Center for Latin American Studies, Wayland Collegium for Liberal Learning
Highlights of 2001

Cuban Union Leaders Speak about daily life in Cuba & Cuba�s role in fighting the Free Trade Area of the Americas
July 21 at Boston Iron Workers Union Hall
The program included Cuban Union Leaders of the CTC: CENTRAL de TRABAJADORES de CUBA
Leonel Gonzalez Gonzalez
Director of International Relations of the Central Organization of Cuban Workers (CTC)
Manuel Montero Bistilleiro
Chief of the American Interests Bureau of the CTC
Diana Maria Garc�a Mart�nez
General Secretary, Public Administrative Workers Union
Edison Earl Brown
L�zaro Pena Trade Union School
Sponsored by (partial list): U.S. / Cuba Labor Exchange; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, MA Chapter; July 26 Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, MA Chapter; Labor Extension Program, U Mass. Lowell; Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights; Latinas and Latinos for Social Change; Mass. Jobs with Justice; Boston Global Action Network; Coalition of Black Trade Unionist, MA Chapter, Womens Institute for Leadership Development; Bank Busters; North Shore Labor Council; Umass Boston Labor Resource Center; Bill Fine, Mobilization Committee Rep. NALC-34*; Jeff Klein, Pres. NAGE-RI 168*; Eddie Childs, Chief Steward HERE Local 26*; Jose Soler, Director UMass Labor Education Center*; Steven Lewis, COPE Chair SEIU 509*; Bert Barao, Pres. UNITE 177*; Jerry Fishbien, UNITE Regional New England Joint Board*; Jeannette Huezo, Organizer SEIU 254*; Rand Wilson, SEIU*

Organized to send a number of local participants to The 2nd U.S. – CUBA Youth Exchange and organized a report back.

Highlights of 2000

Black Farmers Report Back From Cuba with Willie Head, Jr. Member of Georgia Vegetable Producers Cooperative Vice-President, Peoples Tribunal of Valdosta, GA
April 20 Roxbury Community College
In February a group of family farmers visited Cuba to learn about its agricultural policies. Prominent among them were several Black farmers from Georgia who were part of a historic lawsuit against the U. S. Department of Agriculture for its racially discriminatory lending practices. The suit was won and now the farmers are fighting to collect their settlements.
All the farmers who went on the fact-finding trip are struggling to hold onto their land. They face falling prices for agricultural commodities and monopoly prices for inputs, including gas. Several are farm activists.
In Cuba, where they were hosted by the National Association of Small Farmers of Cuba (ANAP), the farmers learned that land there is available to anyone who wants to work it, that credit is cheap, and that there are no farm foreclosures.
One of the farmers from Georgia will come to New England in mid-April and will speak in Boston and other cities about the trip, his experiences as a farmer and the ongoing fight against the USDA.

RICHARD LEVINS CUBA: The Ecological Path to Development 11/15/00

Professor Levins has focused his work on theoretical, agricultural and public health ecology, and philosophy of science. He has helped to form modern agro-ecology, and is applying ecological and evolutionary perspectives to epidemiology, especially the study of new and resurgent infectious diseases and environmental change. For over 35 years he has been a participant/observer in the development of Cuban ecology, agriculture and mathematical biology, and recently, infectious diseases.
John Rock Professor of Population Science and Director of the Human Ecology Program, Harvard School of Public Health

Sponsored by Tufts University, Somerville, MA, recorded by Martin Voelker
Available from Radio Free Maine

Let Elian Gonzalez Go Home to Cuba!
Saturday January 29 2pm Park Street Station Boston (coordinated with National Demo in Miami and regional demos around the country) Say no to the right wing attacks on Cuba! End the Blockade! Let Elian Go Home! Initiated by International Action Center/Peace for Cuba Appeal Endorsed by: Latinas & Latinos for Social Change, Veterans for Peace, Community Church of Boston, July 26 Coalition and Committee for Peace and Human Rights Vigils for the Iraqi People In support of National Demonstration in Miami and demonstrations around the country on January 29 called by the National Committee to Send Elian Home to Cuba. Around the US, people are demonstrating to demand that the U.S. government stop holding 6-year-old Elian Gonzales hostage, and send him back home to his father and grandparents in Cuba. Hundreds of thousands of Cuban people have demonstrated their outrage in the streets, and angrily reject the claims of the right wing that it is “child abuse” to raise a child in a socialist society.

Highlights of 1999

100 years of Imperialism – 1898-1998 with guest speakers Rafael Cancel Miranda, former Puerto Rican political prisoner and representatives from Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic at Roxbury Community College

Celebrating the Role of Blacks in Politics and Culture in Cuba with special guest speaker Felix Wilson, First Secretary Cuban Interests Section, and others including a participant in the Cuban Literacy Campaign in the early ’60s, presented at the Blacksmith House, Cambridge, March 1999

Supported Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, Inc. (IFCO) and “Pastors for Peace” Medical Aid to Cuba 9th Friendshipment. Joined with the Pastors as an intervener in their legal case against the US Government. Pastors opposes the US blockade of Cuba.

July 26 Annual Celebration: Cuba’s Internationalism with Josefina Vidal, Cuban Interests Section along with speakers representing the Haitian Consul, South Africa and Iraq at the Cambridge YWCA, July 1999

Note that Josefina Vidal,went on to be Cuba’s lead negotiator for the process that lead up to the thaw in relations in 2014.

“Infomed” computers over the border and now Medical Aid Shipment to Cuba on October 30, 1999 at the US/Canada border in Highgate, Vermont

Student Faculty Cuban Medical Doctor Tour, October 25 – November 7, 1999. Dr. Alfredo Portero, director of the International Medical Cooperation Unit in the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba, addressed more than 600 people on seven campuses and spoke before seven community organizations and health agencies. He described Cuba’s medical care system and its international medical brigades. “Cuba maintains one medical care system. It is accessible to all Cubans regardless of sex, religion, or political belief and it is free of charge, whether you need an aspirin or open heart surgery.” The main Boston Event included Dr. Paul Farmer.

Members of Singing with the Enemy performed Embargo at Club Passim in Harvard Square on November 3, 1999. Their benefit performance raised funds for the US/ Cuba 2000 Conference in Seattle, December 4-6, 1999

Sponsored hosted travel to the 14th “World Youth Festival”, Cuba, 1997
Highlights of 1998

Presentations by Johanna Tablada & Eugenio Martinez both are Sectaries of the Cuba Interests Section
Celebrate the Cuban Revolution
and raise funds for – the “Pastors for Peace” 1998 “Caravan for the Elders & Children of Cuba” – to encourage participation in the “Building a New Future; A US-Cuba Conference” in Havana
DJ/Caribbean Music Saturday, July 18 Community Church of Boston

Highlights of 1997

The Eyes of the Rainbow: Assata Shakur and Oya in Cuba
Boston Premier with a presentation by Gloria Rolando, direct from Havana, Cuba
An English language documentary: 47 min, color Gloria Rolando, Director
Roxbury Community College, Main Auditorium
Friday, September 26
Deals with the life of Assata Shakur, the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader who escaped from prison and was given political asylum in Cuba, where she has lived for close to 20 years. This film is also about her AfroCuban context, including the Yoruba Orisha Oya, goddess of the ancestors, of war, of the cemetery. A queen in her own right, Oya was fully the equal of the male orishas.
Gloria Rolando premiered Eyes of the Rainbow in the US at the 5th World Congress of Orisha Tradition, held this year in San Francisco. The film was requested 4 times and the audience was moved to tears.

Organized a delegation to the 14TH WORLD FESTIVAL OF YOUTH AND STUDENTS – CUBA ’97
Presentations & Party Video and presentation on the Velerution/”Bicyclization of Cuba”
Museum of Fine Arts Apr. 26
Fighting Injustice with Peace Rev. Lucius Walker from “Pastors for Peace” This years US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, which is dedicated to the children of Cuba and comes at a time of increased world-wide outrage at the far-reaching effects of the US embargo, will be organized with extensive participation from Canadian and European organizations.
“In its pathological obsession to destroy Cuba, the US is violating the sovereignty of other nations in the world by trying to force them to support a US policy of economic warfare against Cuba,” said Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO executive director and founder of “Pastors for Peace”. “Just as the international community is outraged at this attempt to compromise their political and financial autonomy, hundreds of thousands of US citizens reject the government’s immoral, shameful blockade of Cuba. We plan to keep challenging the blockade until it is lifted.”
En route to San Diego and Buffalo, the “Caravan for the Children of Cuba” will hold public educational events at campuses, churches and community organizations throughout the US and Canada. Thousands of volunteers are involved at the local level in organizing material aid shipments and fundraising events in support of this project.
Thurs. April 17,
Harvard Divinity School, Andover Hall, Sperry Room

Highlights of 1996

Program on the Cuban Revolution Friday, July 26
at Phoenix Coffeehouse 675 Massachusetts Avenue
Dagoberto Rodriguez Barrera, the First Secretary of the Cuban Interests Section, will be in the Boston area on Friday and Saturday July 26th and 27th. He has had extensive experience dealing with Cuban US (North American) relations. He offers an interesting perspective on the issues of the past few months including the Helms-Burton Act, the International Aviation Commission’s report on the downing of the planes in February.

Workers & Unions in Cuba Today!
A Report Back by three observers to the Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation.
This conference was the culmination of a year long process where by Cuban workers debated and decided their participation in the economic changes affecting their lives.The observers include
Nalda Vigezzi (SEIU 509*) US-Cuba Labor Exchange,
Karen O’Donnell, former Dem. State Rep. & (IBEW 103*),
Brian Taylor from the US Cuban Youth Exchange, & former airline worker.
(* for identification only).

SEIU Local 285,
30 Winter St. Boston. 9th Fl.
Thursday July 11 7:30 PM

Potluck Brunch with Fernado Gargia, a Policy Adviser in the US Department of the Cuban Communist Party. A the home of Mel King, Yarmouth St. South End.
Sunday June 23

Highlights of 1995

Celebrate July 26th with a Cuban Dinner and more also a sendoff for the International Youth Festival in Havana. Also Virginia McCarthy will give a presentation about Organic Argriculture in Cuba” Saturday July 22nd Cambridge Ringe & Latin School

Cuba Since Soviet Collapse: Economic Measures, The New Agriculture & The Environment 4/26/95

MIGUEL NUNEZ Cuban Diplomat
DICK LEVINS Marxist Ecologist
Roxbury Community College, Boston
Available from Radio Free Maine

Cubans In the United States 4/19/95
Andres Gomez
National Network on Cuba
Roxbury Community College, Boston, MA
Available from Radio Free Maine

  • Member Caribbean Focus, Roxbury Community College, sponsoring educational events

Launched in the mid 1980’s, the Rectification Campaign represented Cuba’s effort to overcome growing problems of bureaucratism, corruption, and of economic and political stagnation by reviving and deepening popular involvement in the Revolution and its political processes. What was the content of this campaign? What were its accomplishments and successes? How was it impacted by the economic crisis of the past four years.

Carlos A. Batista-Odio, Co-director of the Center of US Studies of the University of Havana, (CESEU).
Don Gurewitz, longtime Cuba solidarity activist, visitor photographer and frequent lecturer on Cuba.

Jill Nitchinsky, Professor, Tufts University
Merida Castillo, Singer Folklorist
David Olsen, “Pastors for Peace”
March 29 to April 5 Mounted by Francisco Mendez-Diez, Cuban artist. Reception. 4:30 – 6 pm, March 29, Cafeteria, Student Center 2nd Fl
PHOTOGRAPHS FROM LA HABANA CUBA 1995 Exhibit of Photographs by David Garten of Waitsfield Vt.

INSIDE CUBA TODAY: A Young Cuban Talks About Her Country
Kenia Serrano-Puig, a Cuban youth activist from the Cuban Center of Studies for youth. The Center does research and provides information on the situation facing Cuban youth, particularly with respect to employment, education and culture. She was high-school leader starting at age 13 and was elected president of the University Student Federation at the University of Las Tunas. She helped organize voluntary student mobilizations doing work in agriculture and other tasks.

Kenia is interested in scientific research & innovations. She is currently studying English and is the secretary of international relations of the University Student Federation (FEU). She is also a member of the Union of Young Communists (UJC).

Highlights of 1994

The Cuba of Today Through the Eyes of a Revolutionary Christian Youth Organizer
Ariel Moriyon Rojas of the “Martin Luther King Jr. Center” in Havana, Cuba
Community Church of Boston Nov. 3rd
Co-sponsors: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Community Church of Boston and the Caribbean Focus at Roxbury Community College

A Picket Line to Demand: Stop US Threats Against Cuba
NO Blockade, End the Embargo, Normalize Relations Honor the Immigration Agreements with Cuba
Aug 26, 4:30-6:30 PM
Park Street Station

Cuba Now An Evening with the Chief of the Cuban Interests Section Alfonso Fraga
Sat. March 26, at the Episcopal Divinity School
Co-sponsored with Anglicanism, Globalism & Ecumenism

New Cuban documentary “Gay Cuba”. Through interviews with gay and lesbian Cubans the video explores the conditions they face and the transformation of consciousness developing in Cuba today.
Jamaica Plain Firehouse Arts Center, 659 Center Street, Tuesday June
A long gap in time that needs to be filled.

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Some of our events were taped and are available at the sites below. There is a notation next to the event about who taped it. Radio Free Maine (RFM) More recently FreemanZ and his 492 Cafe have also recorded some of our events