Progressive Technology Project


From the April 2016 Community Technology delegation trip to Cuba: In the Media Room at the National Library, Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba Jose Martí, at Revolutionary Plaza, Charlie Welch with Peter Miller, both with, reviews and hands over hard drives to Yolanda Núñez, Director of International Relations; with Rita Walters, formerly with the Los Angeles Board of Education and City Council, chairing the committee that oversees the city libraries.

Two members, Charlie Welch and Peter Miller, have special interests in developing technology resources in Cuba and to support US-Cuba relations, and are interested in finding others with a similar interest.

Charlie is the long-time co-ordinator for TecsChange — “providing technology to individuals and groups working for social change, locally and internationally” — and oversaw the recent donation and support for the National Library’s digital archiving program going on across the Island’s national library network, and has a special interest in developing afro-cuban and afro-american ties in the Solidarity movement.

Peter helped organize the community technology delegation to Cuba last April and is trying to develop support for Infomed and the Joven Clubs. He’s written on “CyberMarxism, Community Technology, and Their Implications for Cuban Development” and “Che Guevara and the Origins of ICT4D in Cuba,” organized and moderated two workshops sessions with background papers for the 2017 National Cuba Conference at Fordham University, with more at