Sunday, January 29 Program Change

Somerville Cuba Standout Cancelled and Program Postponed
in order to support the 1 pm Rally and 2 pm vigil for
Sayed Arif Faisal, killed by police on Jan 4

We urge all to attend the rally for Sayed Arif Faisal organized by the Bangladesh Association of New England at Somerville High School, 81 Highland Ave, and then march to a vigil at the Cambridge Police Department, 125 6th St, Cambidge (not the Mystic River Mural Project in Somerville). The rally starts at 1 pm, the vigil at 2 pm.

Sayed Arif Faisal, a graduate of Somerville High School, was killed by Cambridge police in a backyard shooting incident when police were called for assistance as Faisal, in a mental health crisis, threatened to harm himself with a knife. He was also part of the Mystic River Mural Project, an ongoing 22 year mural project involving local students from many international backgrounds.

The Boston area Cuba Standout will resume next month, February 26, at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The Western Massachusetts standout, Sunday January 29th, at the Hampshire Mall Hadley will go ahead as planned. We plan to hold the “Building Youth Friendship and Solidarity between Massachusetts and Cuba” sometime in February or March.