The Boston Resolution and Public Hearing

The Boston City Council Resolution
and the July 11, 2022 Public Hearing
Links to the video of the public hearing and post on the Resolution’s passage.

You can find a copy of the Boston City Council resolution here. Note that Councilors Lara, Arroyo, Baker, Bok, Breadon, Flaherty, Louijeune, Mejia, Murphy, Worrell, Flynn, and Fernandes-Anderson have all signed on as sponsors.

The City Council public hearing on the Resolution on Monday, July 11 will take place 10:00 am.-1:00 pm, and we’re looking for as many people as possible to offer testimony about the effects of the Blockade and why you support building closer ties with Cuba for medical, scientific, cultural, educational and/or economic exchange.   Anyone who lives, works, or has connections to Boston can comment.  Each person will be able to talk for 2 minutes during the open comment period to support the resolution.

The public comment period will most likely begin around 11:15 am.  If you are able and have some connection to Boston and can encourage others you think will be willing, we’re trying to have as many people as possible testify.   In person is best,  but we’re pretty sure there will be a virtual way to testify as well.   The public testimony will follow the Councilors speaking, followed by a panel of experts that we’re organizing. 

For more information about the hearing and how to testify, see Boston, the hearing will be broadcast live on Xfinity 8/RCN 82/ Verizon 964 and streamed at Many city council meetings and sub-committee meetings are available on youtube, e.g.,

The resolution will actually go to a vote at the City Council meeting on July 13.

(Thanks to Judy Freiwirth, Steve Rizzo, Charlie Welch, and Calla Walsh for information and encouragement. Last updated 7/14/22)