The Continuing Campaign against Cuba’s Treatment of its Doctors

Posted to the US-CubaNormalization Organizers’ Forum List on August 16, 2020:

Thanks to Bob Miller (no relation).  I found it informative to take a closer look.

Deconstructing the Current Version

The recent version of the campaign against Cuba’s treatment of its doctors, the Human Rights Watch news release “Cuba: Repressive Rules for Doctors Working Abroad,” merits a good look for what it reveals: an overstated characterization of its charges, a failure to justify them, and a self-admission undercutting its own claims. This raises questions and encourages taking a closer look at Human Rights Watch itself.

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Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 7:47:12 PM UTC-4
Subject: Continuing campaign against Cuban doctors

The campaign against Cuban medical personnel continues with a report issued today by the so-called Human Rights Watch (HRW.)  Below is their report.  And next, an article in today’s El País, a paper in Spain, on this report.  I expect US media will follow up on this slanderous line.

El control absoluto de Cuba sobre los médicos de sus misiones evidencia la vulneración de derechos básicos   –