October 2022 Sunday Stand-Out

Update on Rallies and UN Vote

1029NYC+DavisSqRallies in NYC & Somerville at Davis Square. Photos by Diane Stradling in the July26.org NY contingent, video here; and Karen Slater.

This year’s UN vote was 185-2; for more see the Resumen-English story “The World Stands with Cuba Once Again” and more in CubaNews and the AP’s “UN Votes Overwhelmingly to Condemn US Embaego of Cuba” and more in Google News.

October 30, 2:00-3:00, Davis Square, Somerville:
For Next Week’s UN Censure of the U.S. Embargo

This month’s Stand-Out supporting Cuba will take place at Davis Square in Somerville, at College and Elm, from 2:00-3:00. The July 26th Coalition supports these standouts which are part of a series of actions across the country as well as internationally, this month’s expected to be especially emphatic, including a major “We Stand with the World” rally in New York City on the 29th and a 24-hour virtual picket starting Wednesday the 2nd, in anticipation of the 30th consecutive overwhelming condemnation of the Embargo/Blockade by the UN General Assembly scheduled for November 2 and 3.

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